4-Tips to be Better Judged

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4 min readJun 9, 2021

How does it feel to be judged? I am sure no one likes that feeling. But in an interview, that’s exactly what we are signing up for. Unfortunately, we are seldom taught in our schools to manage interviews. We may all know the technical aspects in regard to the position but is that enough in today’s job market where people and not mere skills are hired?

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In this post, I have covered 4 important things that one must remember and do when it comes to an online interview.

1. Body Language: Research indicates that it takes just 7 seconds to form an impression about someone. Sounds daunting, eh? But the good thing is you can decide how to behave in those 7 seconds. When you log in to your Zoom meeting, make sure to be smartly dressed. Now you can choose what to wear beneath your torso but remember the following when it comes to clothes that will be shown on the video: Always Wear ironed clothes. It will show the interviewer your commitment and sincerity despite being at home. The next pressure point is how to look in the moment that you log in. Remember the 7 second rule here. Do not look at your own video tab on the screen, instead stare straight at the lens of your video cam. This will mimic you looking into the interview’ eye because they are looking at you. The instant connect that you form may give you the edge that you might need over your competitors.

2. Research-Research-Research: As an interviewee it is your responsibility to give the interviewer the right reasons to hire you. So do your research about the company and the job position for which you are applying for. When you are asked to elaborate on your skills make sure to highlight those specific areas that are the most relevant. But remember to always speak about your strengths in context to the organisation’s requirements and job descriptions.

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3. Admit your weakness: A favourite interview question is to ask about your weaknesses because this one question can show the different facets of person: Self-awareness, ability to withstand the pressure and confidence. This is also a notorious question because there are many ways to go wrong with the question. But do not worry, I have the perfect answer template for you. Never answer no because that shows a lack of self-awareness and worse displays arrogance. Instead speak of a moderate weakness and follow-it up with an actionable step that you have taken towards fixing it. For instance, if your weakness is finding it hard to be a team player, admit it and say that you have joined your school or college cultural committee in a bid to fix this issue.

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4. A Wasted opportunity: At the end of every interview, most candidates are given the opportunity to ask the panel questions. Most of the candidates in a bid to get out of the dreadful place ask nothing and leave. If you ask me, I will say that it is a wasted opportunity. Ask them some insightful questions and show them that you really care and that you are passionate about the job. Insightful obviously means that you must not ask them the question whose answers can be readily found on the internet.

Some of the questions that you could ask are:

a. What are the measures of my success in the organisation?

b. What are some of the added/bonus skills that I can develop before coming in?

c. When do I start?

All the best for your next interview.