Podcast is one of the most overlooked media, for it does not have the mass appeal that its visual-dominant peers boast of. But believe me, it is as enjoyable and personal as reading a book. The connect with the host is real. Most importantly, you actively engage with the content. Plus, it does not strain your eyes!

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In this post, I have mentioned 5 of the podcasts that I love and listen to everyday.

1. Stuff You Should Know About: Hosts Josh and Chuck talk about random but extremely interesting topics. They speak about Mojave microphone to the inner workings of Venus.

2. History of India: The…

The Greek believed that select people, the chosen ones, are bestowed with a divine gift by the Gods themselves. The gift allows the person to wield the power to mesmerise people with their mere presence: you know, it’s the kind of the power that makes the room go silent when that person walks in. They called the gift ‘Charisma’.

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In this post, we will decode what goes into making this magic potion.

Think about every charismatic person you have come across in your lives. If you carefully analyse them, you will realise that regardless of their profession or position they posses something common: Their ability to make you listen…

Gap year, a once American-idea, is now increasingly being adopted by Indian students. And yet, we are far from having mainstream institutions providing affordable structured gap year programmes. So, in this post we will look at 5-steps to plan your perfect gap year experience.

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1. Intent Matters: Gap Year might seem like an alluring prospect: a full year without academic pressure. In fact, it is one of the major reasons, students opt for a gap year. But the absence of academic pressure does not translate to a whole year of video games and fooling…

It’s June and that means one thing: A new academic year. I wanted to title the post with a back-to-school tag, but I realised gloomily that we might not be really ‘going back’. We cannot change the current situation, but we can certainly adapt to the situation to perform better.

In this post I have outlined 5 tips that should help you increase your productivity during your upcoming academic year.

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1. Morning Routine: Create an amazing morning routine that will set you up for success in the rest of the day. …

All of my courses in college have a presentation component in the grading basket. I remember vividly one of the presentation sessions that did not go well for a classmate. He had spent the whole night making the ‘perfect’ presentation. The presentation had all the points written in a beautiful…

My cousin who had been preparing to be an engineer all his life woke up one morning to tell his parents that he wants to be a scuba diver. They were petrified not in the least because they had to google to find out whether it was really a profession…

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Thanks to pandemic, the already fragile work-life balance has gone for a toss. We sit on our beds munching on unhealthy snacks during team calls and respond to emails while half- listening to sports commentary.

The WHF phenomenon has blurred our physical and intellectual boundaries causing acute identity chaos. It’s much like when you spray yourself with a different perfume when the previous one has not faded. You smell like a cocktail of fragrances, a situation where both the fragrances exist but are adulterated due…

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